Purdue proud

January 26, 2017

I remember being a student at Purdue University in the late 1960s. Naturally, I didn’t know precisely what I’d end up doing in life, but I was eager to learn. I wanted to soak up everything I could.

Looking back, I am incredibly grateful to the many professors who shared so much wisdom with me at this formative time in my life. From classroom study to practical lessons on life and leadership, my years at Purdue laid the groundwork for a successful career in business.

For that reason, it was especially nice to have my book, Discover Your Next Best Step: 10 Proven Principles of Servant LeaderShip Wisdom, mentioned in a recent issue of the Purdue Alumnus magazine.

As a student, I certainly never imagined I’d one day be an author! Being recognized alongside other distinguished alumni was a shining moment for me!

Note: Order your copy of Discover Your Next Best Step here. Or, contact me at info@https://discoveryournextbeststep.com to inquire about possible speaking engagements.