Bright Minds, Big Dreams

January 13, 2017

These outstanding kids will be providing insight into my next book: a 40-day devotional for teens.

A funny thing happens after you write a book: You want to write another one.

Currently, I’m partnering with Larry Lance, executive director of the Fort Wayne Area Youth For Christ Program, and Chip Clark, YFC’s City Life ministry director, on a 40-day devotional stemming from the 10 principles outlined in my book, Discover Your Next Best Step: 10 Proven Principles of Servant Leadership Wisdom.

Our target audience for this book will be much different. This time, we want to write something that has the power to change the lives of youth in the Fort Wayne area and beyond. We’re going to tell stories that resonate with teens, and we’re going to provide Scripture-based tools that will help teens who are grappling with tough issues like abandonment, abuse, pregnancy, drugs and violence.

As a precursor to the writing process, I’ve been spending some time with Chip Clark and a bunch of teens involved in the City Link program near South Side High School in Fort Wayne. Let me tell you: These kids are amazing, and I have so much faith in their ability to go out and make a big difference in the world. I look forward to inviting some of these students to contribute to the book, and I’m even more excited to see what they teach me.